7.75" Wrapped White Giant Paper Straws - 2200 ct.

SKU: 61500039
$0.09 per unit

Your guests will love our safe and eco-friendly 7.75" Wrapped White Giant Paper Straws. These paper straws measure 7.75" long with a 0.292" diameter, ideal for serving blended drinks, smoothies, and margaritas. These crisp white paper straws come individually wrapped for convenient, sanitary service. Our durable paper straws are designed to hold up for hours under normal use, and they are BPA and gluten-free. Sold 2200 straws per pack, grab these biodegradable and compostable paper straws for your drink service today!

  • 2200 7.75" Wrapped White Giant Paper Straws
  • Durable straws measure 7.75" long, 0.292" diameter
  • Gluten-free straws made from environmentally friendly natural cellulose paper
  • Perfect for blended drinks, smoothies, margaritas
  • Compostable and biodegradable individually wrapped paper straws