About Us


In 1888, Marvin Stone invented the original paper straw and patented his idea. That patent became the foundation for the company he created— that same company went on to manufacture Aardvark, The Original Paper Straw, today. Stone’s patent and his innovative spirit for all things round and tubular lives on with Aardvark.

Aardvark paper straws were re-introduced in 2007, in response to a growing anti-plastic movement. Restaurants, hospitals, and other services industries were forced to look for more sustainable, eco-friendly options.

As a leading US manufacturer of small-size cylindrical tubing solutions, Precision Products Group Inc. was asked to create a straw that was more environmentally friendly. The answer was in their archives: Marvin Stone’s original 1888 patent for the first paper straw. Putting a modern spin on Stone’s original concept, Aardvark was able to create a straw, using natural papers, that was more sustainable and more durable than any other paper straw on the market. 

In 2018, Aardvark Straws was purchased by Hoffmaster Group, Inc. Aardvark Straws now adds a new product offering of sustainable paper straws to Hoffmaster’s ever growing line of eco-friendly products.

Today, Aardvark paper straws can be found at restaurants, retailers and distributors throughout the world. Aardvark paper straws are made in the USA, use only FDA compliant, food-grade materials, and are marine degradable and compostable.