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Sustainable School is on a mission to stop the use and disposal of single-use plastics at schools, by educating students about their impact on the ocean and providing eco-friendly alternatives like incredible Aardvark Paper Straws!

Plastic straws are one of the top 10 plastic items found during beach clean-ups around the world. They are not recyclable and wind up in landfills, where they will never ever biodegrade, or in the ocean where they harm the marine animals and the water. Let's #BeResonSIPle and #StopSucking

Thank you for choosing the most durable and marine-friendly straw on the planet! We are so proud to donate 100% of our paper straw profits to the local school district's Department of Nutrition, replacing single-use plastic items in the school cafeteria with earth-friendly options. Together, with Aardvark Straws, we will inform schools and students about the positive impact that sustainability can have on their community.

 Aardvark + Sustainable School Sustainable School + Your Logo

7.75" Wrapped Sustainable School

Jumbo Paper Straws - 3200 ct.

7.75" Custom Wrapped Sustainable School Jumbo Paper Straws - 3200 ct.

Customize your Sustainable School straw with your logo or text by emailing your design requirements to Include CommunityHero in your email for Sustainable School pricing.

3200 straws (8, 400-count boxes)


Jumbo                                                      Giant                                                      Colossal

Jumbo Paper StrawsGiant Paper StrawsColossal Paper Straws

                                 Cocktail                                                    Eco-Flex

Cocktail Paper Straws Eco-Flex Paper Straws


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