7.75" Black Giant Paper Straws - 2800 ct.

SKU: 61620099
$0.09 per unit

Our 7.75" Black Giant Paper Straws are perfect for your blended drinks, smoothies, and margaritas! These compostable and biodegradable paper straws measure 7.75" long with a 0.292" diameter. They feature a simple solid black design, and are designed to hold up for hours without getting soggy. Sold 350 straws per pack, grab these for your drink service today!

  • 2800 7.75" Black Giant Paper Straws
  • Durable straws measure 7.75" long, 0.292" diameter
  • Gluten-free straws made from environmentally friendly natural cellulose paper
  • Perfect for blended drinks
  • Compostable and biodegradable paper straws