7.75" White Jumbo Paper Straws - 600 ct.

SKU: 61500206BX
$0.05 per unit

Introducing our durable, eco-friendly 7.75" White Jumbo Paper Straws. These paper straws measure 7.75" long with a 0.227" diameter, perfectly sized for serving water, pop/soda, iced tea, and iced coffee. They feature a crisp white design. Our durable paper straws are designed to hold up for hours under normal use, and they are BPA and gluten-free. Sold 600 straws per pack, grab these for your drink service today!

  • 600 7.75" White Jumbo Paper Straws
  • Durable straws measure 7.75" long, 0.227" diameter
  • Gluten-free straws made from environmentally friendly natural cellulose paper
  • Perfect for water, soda, iced tea, and iced coffee
  • Compostable and biodegradable paper straws

Customer Reviews

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Classic, sturdy, eco-friendly

Our bar uses these straws and our customers have had nothing but great things to say about these straws. They stand up to sitting in liquid for long periods of time and we love that we aren't harming the environment by using them.

Bought for my bar & they are a hit!

I bought these for my bar to help be more eco-friendly and I was worried that my customers would hate using paper straws. I was wrong! A lot of customers appreciate that we are no longer using plastic and they say the straws hold up really well in their drinks. Win win!

Micki Zurcher
Guilt-free Straws!

These straws are biodegradable and I don't have to feel guilty they get into the marine life! I use them daily and a box lasts 2 yrs. Going for my second box today. Highly recommend. Why beverage stores still have plastic straws is irresponsible when these are available.